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Averbach Transcription offers high-quality focus group and interview transcription services for market research professionals. Plus, we cover a wide variety of topics and industries including politics, pharmaceutical and medical products, high-tech, business, the environment, public health and more. Unlike others, we pay attention to the small details, including clear speaker identification and capturing every word that’s spoken. Sometimes focus groups are held in a crowded or large room. You need a detailed record of what was said. We ensure that. Averbach Transcriptions makes your focus group transcription easy. All participants will be included and we will transcribe within the timeframe you need. As the most reputable provider in the industry, we are ready to work for you.


  • Accurate and concise transcripts for any size project
  • Accept a wide range of file formats
  • Very competitive fees
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Security and confidentiality is assured
  • Focus groups of all sizes, consumer interviews and more
  • Free timecode services for your project

If you need high-quality transcripts that are accurate, read well and are priced right, you need to contact the most accurate focus group transcription team in the industry, Averbach Transcription. We will ensure you have the highest quality transcriptions and save you time and money in the process. Our transcription service fees are simple and based on the length of your recordings.

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