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Averbach Transcription provides high-quality, on-time and accurate media transcription services for filmmakers and video producers around the country. As a busy media professional, you have important work to attend to. Whether it’s production meetings, shoots, or editing sessions, there are always lots of things happening that you need to take care of. Let Averbach Transcription handle the transcribing services. We transcribe interviews, raw footage, feature films, and other important recordings that you need transcribed. We are here to provide the transcription services you require, quickly, effectively and affordably. Plus, we handle it all – documentaries, television news segments, promotional videos, infomercials and more.


Averbach Transcription Features:

  • The best transcribing team in the industry – no outsourcing to foreign countries.
  • High-quality, easy-to-read and accurate – every time
  • Competitively priced – our transcription rates are among the best in the industry
  • Comprehensive quality control process – we ensure your transcripts are perfect and inspect them thoroughly before they are delivered to you
  • Easy to work with – Simply upload and finished transcripts are emailed to you
  • Free timecode services for your project


If you need high-quality transcripts that are accurate, read well and are priced right, you need to contact the fastest growing transcription team in the industry, Averbach Transcription. We help you save time and money and help free up your schedule so you can handle more important activities. Our transcription service fees are straightforward and based solely on the length of your recordings.

Have questions about our transcriptionist services? Ready to get started with your transcription? See how we are able to help media professionals and video producers like you.

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