Skills Test

The skills test is a brief, five-minute audio file we’ve prepared to test your ability to discern accents, handle difficult audio, research technical terminology, and follow instructions.  You’ll have 20 minutes to complete and submit your transcript once you start.

What do I need for the test?

You will need transcription software of your choice (Express Scribe is free!)
You may wish to set up and familiarize yourself with Express Scribe before taking the test.  We recommend setting keyboard shortcuts to pause, play, and backstep the audio 1-2 seconds. (Try semicolon for play!)

Can I take a practice test first, to see what to expect?

Sure!  We’ve prepared a practice quiz for you to try.  You will see a completed transcript after submitting your practice quiz. It’s by no means mandatory, but it’s available if you would like a chance to brush up or practice using your software.

What happens after I take the skills test?

If we like your work, we’ll be in contact with you within a week!

Do you have a contact email?

You may direct recruiting questions to [email protected]