Why Choose Averbach for Transcribing Services?

The reason that companies everywhere choose Averbach Transcription for their transcribing services is simple. We are extremely easy to work with, have rapid turnaround and feature flat rates that are based only on the length of your files. Plus, there is never an extra charge for difficult audio, alternative media formats, accents, or multiple speakers. We also make a promise: You’ll always know exactly what the cost for a given project will be, before the work begins. Working with the Fortune 100, web-based businesses as well as private organizations, schools and many others; we are the go-to transcription service for thousands.

Here is another unique service feature: Our transcribers are 100% US-based. And for our video clients, no extra charges are incurred for timecoding.

Our Transcription Services – Get a Free Transcript Now!

  • We use an elegant, professionally designed transcript format.
  • We get back to clients or prospective clients very rapidly during business hours, whether they’re on the west or east coast; within minutes.
  • We always pick up the phone.
  • We provide free sample transcripts – try us out with no obligation
  • We provide private upload accounts, which may be created at the customer’s initiative; no pre-approval or calling ahead required.
  • Streamlined workflow: Many clients simply upload a file to their account as their only action concerning a transcription project; we email them to confirm receipt of the file, then once more when the project is complete.
  • Credit card payment, native to the site, in the client’s account. This is only one option, as many clients prefer to pay by check. All is secure, and the client isn’t taken to an outside intermediate site (e.g. Paypal) for payment.

There is also one other reason that separates us from the others: We are always available; no project is turned away unless the audio or video is completely unintelligible—once again, no calling ahead required. Unlike much of our competition, we have enough capacity to take care of many different projects simultaneously. All this and we have the personal touch as well. Our service is industry leading.

Have questions? Ready to get started with your free sample transcription? Contact us today for more information. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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